We recommend that your rabbit is vaccinated annually against Myxomatosis and Viral Hemorrhagic discharge (VHD). We can start vaccinations from 5 weeks of age.

Females and males can be neutered from approximately 5-6 months of age. On the night before this procedure there is no need to withhold food from your pet, like you need to do with a cat or dog. It is very important that they eat pre and post operatively. If they are reluctant to eat please contact the practice.

Rabbits are very social animals, who are happiest with another rabbit or in groups. If you are thinking of getting more than one rabbit the best mix is a male and female, but do ensure they are neutered to avoid unwanted litters . Their housing should provide a separate eating and sleeping area, with plenty of fresh hay, not only for bedding , rabbits should also have good quality hay to eat.

As rabbits teeth continually grow it is important to know what diets are best for them, to help keep their teeth ground down.

A good quality hay should be offered, along with a small amount of fresh green vegetables and also a small amount of pelleted food. Rabbits do prefer the museli type of food but this doesn’t provide enough nutrients, which can lead to weak bones.

Most dental problems occur due to poor diet options, and teeth become overgrown and form spikes which rub on the inside of the mouth, leading to sores.

We can offer a free nurse consultation, to advise on diet and other issues you may have.

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